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Precious Cargo

The article by Donalee Moulton appears at and features Jim McGuffey, M.A., CPP®, PSP®, PCI® Transporting valuables is a dangerous business. The mounting pressure to stay profitable and competitive aside, the armoured-truck industry’s move towards the controversial “alloff model” has not only raised eyebrows, but also revived the debate of how to keep both the …

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Training is a Critical Component for Success In the Security Industry

Cash-in-Transit carriers like many businesses look for ways to improve profits. However, smart carriers don’t shortcut training to increase profit knowing that short-term profit gains mean little if there is a fatal truck crash due to a decision to reduce training for drivers. Since carrier drivers and guards are largely unsupervised, training is crucial to …

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Cash-in-Transit Insight for Investors

Jim McGuffey, CPP, PSP, PCI provides consultation for investment firms, sharing his insight into the cash-in-transit industry.  Following are a few areas that he considers important in the evaluation of a carrier to determine if the carrier is capable of sustaining long-term profit:  People, Profit, Sales, Training, Risk, Fleet Management, Customer Service, Customer Contracts, Technology and …

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