Legal Services


  • Provide direction during the investigative and discovery phases on issues unique to the armored car industry and regarding premise liability matters.
  • Provide insight relative to pertinent internal documents and company records.
  • Provide opinions and/or testimony relative to industry patterns and practice.
  • Review hiring, training and safety records for compliance and pattern.
  • Assist in preparing and understanding financial reports relative to losses, safety, security, expenses and profit.
  • Employee Related Injuries.

While some work-related injuries are caused by unsafe acts of the employee and can be avoided many more are related to lack of training, unsafe conditions such as, excess hours worked or unsafe equipment. As with truck accidents there are business records that must be requested and reviewed to determine if there were adequate preventive measures in place to prevent the injury. Following are a few examples of such records.

Jim is board certified in Security Management, Physical Security and Investigations. Throughout the world, the Certified Protection Professional (CPP®) designation is acknowledged as the security profession’s highest recognition of practitioners. The CPP, PCI and PSP certifications are awarded based upon experience, education, and of an examination that provides an objective measure of an individual’s broad-based knowledge and competency in security management, physical security and the investigation process. Ongoing professional development is required to maintain each credential.

The CPP® PSP® and PCI® are administered by ASIS International, the preeminent international organization for security professionals, with more than 38,000 members worldwide which Jim has been an active member since 1981. Certified Protection Professional (CPP®) – This certification designates individuals who have demonstrated competency in all areas constituting security management. Physical Security Professional (PSP®) – The PSP® designation is the certification for those whose primary responsibility is to conduct threat surveys, design integrated security systems that include equipment, procedures and people, or install, operate and maintain those systems. Professional Certified Investigator (PCI®) – Holders of the PCI® certification have demonstrated education and/or experience in the fields of case management, evidence collection, and case presentation.