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I joined the U.S. Army at the age of 18 and received an Honorable Discharge with the rank of E-5 and then served eight years as a police officer where I earned a B.A. in Criminal Justice. I was then recruited into the Armored Car industry where I earned a Master’s in Management and served 26 years (22-Brinks’ and 4-Loomis) with a total of 20-years in the senior level positions of Area General Manager, District Manager and Regional Director/Regional Vice President with full P&L responsibility ranging from $40 to $100 million. Direct Reports Included: Loss Prevention Managers, Human Resource Managers, Account Executives, Branch Managers, Controllers, District Managers, Transportation Managers, Coin Managers, Currency Processing Managers, ATM Managers, and Training Managers.

During my 26 years working in the cash-in-transit industry, I was responsible for managing and protecting assets at 50 high risk facilities, several thousand armed guards and 1,000 armored vehicles. It is this profit and loss experience that has helped me to understand the importance of balancing profit with risk management while recommending cost effective security measures to mitigate risk.

I am 1 of 150 security professionals in the world to obtain all 3 board certifications in security management which are accredited by the Department of Homeland Security International Standards Organization and American Standards National Institute.

Since 2008, I have served as an expert witness within the security industry, retained by both defense and plaintiff attorneys and organizations in the U.S., Canada and South America to provide expert opinions in security cases pending litigation.

I am vetted as a Security Contractor for the U.S. Department of State Anti-terrorism Administration Assistance (ATA) Program to train law enforcement officers, military and private security professionals in developing countries for the following courses: Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience; Preventing Attacks on Soft Targets; Surveillance Detection, Instructor Development Course and Preventing Terrorist Attacks on Bus and Railway Systems.

Since 2012, I have trained law enforcement officers and private security professionals from the following countries: Afghanistan, Egypt, Columbia, Jordan, Mexico, India, Tajikistan, Uganda, Pakistan, Philippines, Tunisia, Jamaica, Chad, Niger, Mauritania, India, Yemen, Saudi Arabia Kingdom. I have served as Lead Instructor for ATA courses in Pakistan, Jordan, Afghanistan, Chad, India, Bangladesh, Mexico City, Panama, and Uganda.

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