Jim joined the U.S. Army at the age of 18, serving 3 years, receiving an Honorable Discharge with the rank of E-5, Good Conduct Medal, Vietnam Service Medal and an ARCOM medal. He served eight years as a police officer where he earned a B.A. in Criminal Justice. Jim then joined the Armored Car industry as a supervisor, earning a Master’s in Management, serving 26 years (22-Brinks’ and 4-Loomis) with a total of 20-years in senior level field positions of Area General Manager, District Manager and Regional Director/Regional Vice President. Jim had full P&L responsibility up to $100 million with direct reports including: Loss Prevention Managers, Human Resource Managers, Account Executives, Branch Managers, Financial Controllers, District Managers, Transportation Managers, Coin Managers, Currency Processing Managers, ATM Managers, and Training Managers.

During his 26-year tenure in the security/logistics/transportation industry, Jim was responsible for managing and protecting critical assets at 50 high risk facilities, several-thousand armed guards and 1,000 armored vehicles. It is his profit & loss experience that separates him from other consultants and helped him realize the importance of recommending cost effective security measures to mitigate risk by balancing security and safety with productivity.

As a Regional Director/VP, Jim had responsibility for all businesses within his region which included: Cash-in-Transit, Coin Processing/Manufacturing, Vaulting Services, ATM Services, Air Courier Services and Currency Processing. Coin-processing is a manufacturing business utilizing Brink’s technology. Raw coins were picked up in bags at various financial institutions and returned to Brink’s Coin Centers, where the coins are verified and transferred into large processing machines, patented by Brink’s. As coins pass through these machines, plastic is melted and wrapped around individuals coin packages and placed inside cardboard boxes where coin centers would verify and package millions of wraps daily for distribution to stores, banks and other customers.

Jim has been interviewed on security loss events by CNN HLN, ABC, CBS, New York Times and other Canadian and US news media and publications. He has been approved as an expert security by Federal and State Courts.

Jim is one of approximately 330 security professionals world-wide, holding all three ASIS Board Certifications in Security Management, Physical Security and Investigations which are accredited by the Department of Homeland Security, the American National Standards Institute under ISO/IEC 17024: 2012 and ISO. In addition, CPP, PCI and PSP are recognized by the American Council on Education (ACE) for college credits and the CPP Certification received the SAFETY Act Designation, by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Jim has served as both staff and lead instructor since 2012 for 75 Antiterrorism Administration Assistance (ATA) courses, training federal, state, local law enforcement and private security professionals in the following countries on multiple occasions: Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia, Jamaica, Chad, Indonesia, Niger, Mauritania, Bangladesh, India, Columbia, Panama, Yemenis via (Jordan), Afghanistan, Uganda, Saudi Arabia Kingdom via (USA), Philippines, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Qatar, Tajikistan, Bahrain, Mexico, Jamacia, Libya via (Tunis, Tunisia)

As part of the ATA Program, Jim has supervised law enforcement, military and private security professionals, conducting security risk assessments at the following facilities: Water Treatment Plants, Railway Stations, Bus Terminals, Electric Power Plants, Hotels, Malls, Hospital, Sports Stadiums, Secretary of Energy facility, Secretary of Interior facility, Military Training Centers, Department of Interior facility, National Police Headquarters, a National Control Center for Energy, a Government School (ages 5-18), a Mosque, Churches, a National Art Museum, Airports, a Commercial Shipping Pier, a Police College, an International Expo-Center, International Racecar Stadium, and other critical infrastructures

Jim has been a member of InfraGard since 2013, holding various roles and assuming the role of Executive Vice President and Board Member for the South Carolina Chapter on February 15, 2022. InfraGard is a partnership between the FBI and the private sector. It is an association of persons who represent businesses, academic institutions, state and local law enforcement agencies, and other participants dedicated to sharing information and intelligence to prevent hostile acts against United States critical infrastructure.

Jim continues to serve as an expert witness for the security industry, retained by both defense and plaintiff attorneys and organizations in the U.S., Canada, and South America providing expert opinions in security cases pending litigation. He has served as a consultant for numerous financial institutions and capital investors seeking to invest or conduct acquisitions of global security companies.

Contact Information:
Jim McGuffey, M.A., CPP, PSP, CPI
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